Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pollution of Monona Bay by Ghidorzi Companies

Steve Vanko and I believe these muddy plumes were caused by construction of the Wingra Clinic by the Ghidorzi Companies.  This construction site is only 1-3 blocks directly upstream on the stormsewer system.  In all cases, we have photographs of the construction site proving deficiencies in erosion control, and showing muddy water exiting the construction site.

#1. July 18, 2012. 1.43 inches

There were two big storms, one during early morning, and the other in late afternoon.  A large amount of plastic insulation was flushed to the bay.

This photo from the morning, shows the 10-15% that remained, after a city Vactor truck tried to suck up the debris.

At about 8:19 pm, the blue storm pipe across the street from Steve's house was dumping mud into the bay.  More photos.

Inaccurate reports by Findorff at the Edgewater reconstruction

Many inspections by a variety of companies, filed on the PermiTrack system run by the City of Madison for self-inspections, are late, missing, inaccurate, or poorly documented.

These errors are so widespread--as to undermine any confidence by citizens that the self-inspection system is working.

Here are a few examples.  Individually they may be small, but together they fostered an attitude of neglect--that led to a sediment spill.

On January 29, there was hard rain, totaling 1.84 inches, with a maximum temperature of 54 F. While unusual, this storm had a precedent.  Anyone planning for this site could see that on Dec. 30, 1884, it had rained 1.62 inches.

Erosion control at the Edgewater reconstruction failed, and sediment was spilled to Lake Mendota.  Photos