Friday, April 29, 2011

Landgraf continues abuse from concrete mixing

Mixing of mortar for bricklaying at Mendota Court
creates toxic dust and alkaline runoff.

On April 12, I photographed white stains from concrete wastewater running into Lake Mendota from the construction site on Mendota Court, run by Landgraf Construction.  I sent a complaint with photos to the City.

By April 29, I saw the concrete mixer had been moved to the rear of the property--but the situation was not improved.

There were still no barriers to prevent muddy runoff during rain, or spilled concrete wastewater, from running down the alley, then down Mendota Ct to the lake.

I observed a cloud of toxic concrete dust drift over an area where students pass to and from nearby apartments.  The operator of the mixer was not wearing a respirator.  Concrete dust contains Chromium VI and is carcinogenic.

I noted one improvement since April 12: the stormwater inlet filters downstream on Lake Street had been cleaned.  But filters won't stop a spill of concrete wastewater, which can cause a fish kill.

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