Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"The environment" is one product of the construction industry

The construction industry is Madison's largest heavy industry.

When you put up a building, you are creating a nice place to live or work.  You are also affecting the quality of where we live and work.  Nineteen percent of the phosphorus in our lakes comes from Dane County's constructon industry.

This is what Steve Jobs said about a product... your product:

"We've never worried about numbers. In the market place, Apple is trying to focus the spotlight on products, because products really make a difference. [...] Ad campaigns are necessary for competition; IBM's ads are everywhere. But good PR educates people; that's all it is. You can't con people in this business. The products speak for themselves."

-- Playboy interview, 1985

How you treat the environment speaks volumes about the ethics of your business.

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