Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Findorff Construction spreads litter on L. Mendota

On Sunday March 10, Findorff was again unprepared for rain and thaw.  The rain amounted to .93 inches, augmented by melting snow.

The area furthest from the lake had been recently excavated, but no erosion controls were visible along the fence.

Out on the ice of Lake Mendota, Findorff had been dumping snow excavated from the construction site.  The dumping of snow was intentional--it was in large piles dropped by a power shovel.

Along with the snow, they deposited construction litter, including wire, rebar  spikes, many nails, lumber scraps, dirt, and gravel.

Swimmers beware--a large nail found sticking straight up.

When the ice melts, all this litter will wind up in the lake, unless it's cleaned up now.

Despite these defects, Matt Stadelman of Findorff gave the company a perfect score during his self-inspection of erosion controls on Monday, March 11.


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