Thursday, May 31, 2012

Contractors: Prepare for wind gusts in June

On May 24th, Madison saw gusts of 50 mph, sending billowing clouds of dust from three construction sites we inspected.

March and April are usually said to be the windiest months here--the months with the highest average wind speed.

But it's actually June that's the month with the highest average peak gusts--of 50.7 mph.*  Both June and July have the highest gusts on record--both of 83 mph.

From the point of view of dust nuisance from construction sites--and for health of workers--it's probably gusts that are more important than average speeds. 

In fact, Findorff had a serious problem with dust in June of 2011 at their site next to the Kohl Center in downtown Madison.  As a partial solution, they installed a cover to a huge pile of excavated sand.

Findorff site next to Kohl Center in Madison

Findorff site after complaint by Contractor Report

Remember, dust contains silica, which can cause serious, incurable lung disease.  Dust is a hazard to both workers and the community.

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* =mean annual maximum gust.

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