Friday, June 15, 2012

Contractors reported for dumping concrete slurry to gutter

Dumping of concrete slurry or washout to the gutter is illegal in Madison.  It's highly alkaline, and may cause a fish  kill, if it washes to a nearby waterway.

Enforcement is by the Madison-Dane County Board of Health, which responds immediately to complaints.  They refer violations to the City Attorney--photos are enough to secure a conviction.

The Health Department recently sent letters to contractors, informing them of the rules.  So City inspectors are likely to refer a contractor for prosecution, when he violates after receiving one of these letters.

Citizens are becoming aware that the dust resulting from dry slurry is a health hazard.  And the white stains on the gutter or terrace make a mess.  Liquid slurry in the gutter can be splashed onto pedestrians by passing vehicles, with the potential to cause burns.

Contractors recently caught in the act...

Nelson and Nelson Cement, at South Owen Drive, Madison WI.  More photos.

Hermanson Concrete & Masonry at 301 Falles Ct., Madison WI. More photos.

Fitchburg Masonry at 241 South Owen Drive, Madison WI.  More photos.

Cliff's Custom Concrete at 537 Gately Ter, Madison WI.  More photos.

More contractors careless with concrete.


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