Monday, July 12, 2010

Expensive mistakes

Neglecting erosion control can be an expensive mistake.  That's what Speedway Sand and Gravel discovered after the evening storm of June 21, at their Edgewood Av construction site.

The storm dumped 1.75" of rain--peanuts compared to the 7-10" storms that have occurred in the area.

While this site does have a substantial slope, there is no basin above the site feeding stormwaters onto it.  So only water that falls on the site (plus water from one driveway) can erode it.

See for yourself what happened:

Edgewood Av during the storm, by Jamie Saul.  Click to enlarge.

Edgewood Av after the storm, by Jon Standridge.
This gully was predictable--because this driveway was the only place where runoff from off-site could enter the site.  So runoff got an extra "bite" here.  Once the gullty formed, other runoff fed into it.

If doing the job twice isn't motivation enough for good erosion control, think of the fines for violations if you're sued by citizens: $37,500 per violation per day.

Don't be the low bidder because you short-changed erosion control.

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